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Happy Birthday, Alan Alda!!!

// Tastes, the things that we find appealing, can have their roots very early in life. When I was four years old, the TV show M*A*S*H premiered, and I had my first crush; Alan Alda. Today, I write this post … Continue reading

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Be Your Own Hero…The Magic of Confidence

// The soundtrack of my life has been choreographed to songs by Dennis DeYoung (with and without Styx). Other than the beautiful voice and harmonies accompanied by DeYoung’s phenomenal keyboard playing, what always attracted me to his songs were empowering … Continue reading

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What’s in It for Me?…Life Affirming Gifts of Warm Lemonade

// What’s in it for me? Is a question that is typically asked when the speaker is trying to get out of doing something or wants to get a better deal. While trying to negotiate a mutually beneficial arrangement with … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block…Building Blocks

// Most of us have heard the term “writer’s block”, but what does it really mean? Have those of us who write been bestowed with a special condition? No! Blocks are beliefs that we create for ourselves whether engaged with … Continue reading

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Geometric Romance…Every Dog Wants a Bone

// As I mentioned in my previous post, Tenor and Tika are tied at the heart. Indeed, they are at this moment curled around each other, sleeping like Yin and Yang. Though Tenor was neutered at six months old, during … Continue reading

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