Charity Auction to Support “With Kids”…Iconic Items on the Auction Block

This is the Chipped Cup to be autographed by Robert Carlyle & Emilie de Ravin (Rumpelstiltskin & Belle from “Once Upon A Time”), then auctioned on September 30, 2012 for the charity, With Kids.

Now through September 30th, there is a very special charity event to support children and families in need. In the Scotland and the UK, some of the most severe levels of poverty are in the East End of Glasgow. Indeed, reportedly in some areas of Glasgow, the average life span is a shockingly low 56 years. Of course, it is children that are most at risk from the effects of poverty. Once Upon A Fan is conducting an auction to raise funds for With Kids Glasgow. See details at the Once Upon A Fan website.

Among the services provided by With Kids Glasgow are Play Therapy, Services for School, and a Drop-In Support Centre. Robert Carlyle, who portrays Rumpelstilskin/Mr. Gold on the ABC TV series “Once Upon A Time” is Ambassador for With Kids Glasgow. There are a myriad of lovely items up for auction, and 100% of the proceeds will go to With Kids Glasgow. The auction will conclude September 30, 2012 with the auction of an iconic item from “Once Upon A Time”. Robert Carlyle has donated the chipped cup used in the “Beauty and the Beast” themed episode, “Skin Deep”. The cup will be autographed by Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin, who plays the beauty, Belle. The auction for various items has commenced at an Ebay site set up for the event. Click here to go to auction.

Growing up poor in the USA during the seventies and eighties, I had some experiences that no child should ever have. Though I knew that times were hard, thankfully we had some access to public assistance, and our mother did the best she could for us. Our mother always use to say that a parent should be willing to walk through fire for their child. Ironically, in January, I saw the character of Rumpelstiltskin do exactly that, and I became an avid fan. In hind sight, it is clear to me now, as a parent, the pressure our mother was under to provide food and shelter for us in some really scary times. However, I was and am keenly aware that others had tougher challenges than we did, and that the challenges we go through would be pointless, if we did not learn compassion for the struggles of others, and make our best effort to improve the human condition.

Below are videos of Robert Carlyle speaking about why he supports With Kids Glasgow. Some of you may have already seen them when I posted on Robert Carlyle’s birthday, but even so, they’re worth another look. Also, included below is the Robert Carlyle’s podcast of May 3, 2010, the 4th anniversary of his father’s death, talking about his childhood. Though I had not heard of him until December when we started watching “Once Upon A Time”, I’ve grown to respect Robert Carlyle not only as an actor in various roles, but as a person who clearly learned from his life’s challenges and makes a genuine effort to reach out and help lift those who fall between the cracks of life.

Of course, he wouldn’t have become the man that he is, if not for having a father who loved him dearly. I know we mothers get a lot of acclaim as the ‘nurturers’ by virtue of being ‘Mom’, but I don’t think dads get nearly the credit that they deserve for really putting themselves on the line for their children. Though that was not my experience with my own father, I have witnessed that kind of passionate dedication with countless special needs dads, and my own amazing husband. So, I just want to say to Robert Carlyle’s father, Joseph Carlyle, where ever you are on the spiritual plane, “You raised a good kid, who became an inspiring man. Job exceptionally well done.”

In this post, I am urging my readers to do two things:
1) Contribute in some way. Look at the various items up for auction, and if something tickles your fancy, place a bid. However, even if there isn’t something that is your cup of tea, please make a donation to With Kids Glasgow at their web site: Any amount will be a big help to those in need.
2) Spread the word. Email your friends, private message them on Facebook, share this information with the various groups of which you are a member, post it on Twitter, etc.
Also, if you want to take few minutes out of your day to go the extra mile, it has been noted by fans, Walt Disney World theme park does not have any “Once Upon A Time” memorabilia on display, while Disney Land in California does have such a display. The aforementioned chipped cup is likely the most iconic piece of memorabilia from “Once Upon A Time”. Thus, I suggest contacting Walt Disney World asking them to make the highest bid for the autographed chipped cup and display the autographed it at Walt Disney World in Orlando. That way such an iconic item as the chipped cup would be viewable by the public. It would be wonderful public relations for Walt Disney World giving to a children’s charity, as well as a tax write off, and an additional attraction to their park. Contact Information: Bryan Malenius, Walt Disney World Media Relations (407) 828-3814 and Michelle Baumann, Walt Disney World Public Relations, (407) 397-6397 Note, phone calls tend to have more impact than emails. An email can easily end up in a spam folder.
Thank you and peace be with you! —Nicole

    Editorial Note: For those readers who have noticed my absence from this blog in recent months, in late Spring, my husband, who is in his mid-forties, went through a health crisis that climaxed with the unexpected discovery, when he was admitted to the hospital’s critical care unit with a blood sugar of 1265, that he had acquired Type One Diabetes (usually referred to has Juvenile Diabetes). Though a blood sugar of 600 will typically put a person in a coma, my husband, one of the amazing dads, actually attended our daughter’s dress rehearsal for her dance recital, prior to going into the hospital. Thank you, Crystal (our daughter’s belly dance teacher) for helping me convince him to go to the hospital. He is much better now, but I have not felt like blogging much lately, rather opting to spend time with family and spend some time writing fiction, a long dormant passion that “Once Upon A Time” reawakened in me. I will come back and blog as time allows and important events (like the aforementioned With Kids fundraiser) emerge.

Robert Carlyle – Walk With Giants Podcast from Highland Fangirl on Vimeo.

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