12 for 2012 for Autism Scholarships!!!

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As 2011 draws to a close, I am struck by the dichotomy of that year that has been. It has been a year of great challenge for most of us, yet within this year there has been evidence of the blossoming of the human spirit. Seemingly ordinary people have taken it upon themselves to do extraordinary things for the common good.

So here we stand in the midst of various holidays and on the cusp of a new year. What can we do yet in the coming days to further the relevance of 2011? I know it is easy to be preoccupied with the hectic events during this time or focused on political battles, but it would feel so good to kiss 2011 good bye and greet 2012 with an act of love and kindness.

Thus, I have a proposal to everyone. One in every 110 children in the US has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. A lot of the time, families impacted by ASD struggle on so many levels; financially, emotionally, etc. This year at the AutismOne Conference, the Son-Rise Program, taught at the Autism Treatment Center of America, was awarded Best Autism Therapy Tool. Son-Rise has been a great gift to our family over the years. We are certain that our daughter would not have progressed as far as she has to this point, if not for Son-Rise. Scholarships for both my husband and myself to attend the Son-Rise Startup Course started us on our way, and we am eternally grateful. This is one charity that we know personally that puts genuine effort into helping those who are in need. The Son-Rise Program has helped over 25,000 Autism families from more than 80 countries globally.

Most of us are facing great financial challenges, but small donations added to other small donations have a huge impact. So I am urging everyone reading this to make a tax deductible donation of at least $12 to the Autism Treatment Center of America to bring 2012 in with a wave of compassion. If you want to donate more, please certainly do…donate $24, $60, $120 or what ever you can manage. That said, even that small $12 donation is a magnificent gesture of kindness. Most of us can afford to part with $12 for a good cause and that warm feeling of knowing we have helped. Twelve dollars is approximately what you spend for two people to eat at a cheap fast food place. Ask 12 friends to donate too…it all adds up!

A wave of compassion can form $12 at a time.
If you donate at least $12 ($12 total) & pass this on to
12 people who donate at least $12 ($156 total) & they in turn pass this on to
12 people who donate at least $12 ($1,730 total) & they in turn pass this on to
12 people who donate at least $12 ($20,748 total) & they in turn pass this on to
12 people who donate at least $12 ($248,848 total) & they in turn pass this on to
12 people who donate at least $12, together, we will raise $2,985,996 (nearly THREE MILLION DOLLARS) for scholarships in 2012!
Please go to: http://www.autismtreatmentcenter.org/document.php?sectionid=7&documentid=52 and on the billing information page at the bottom, in the “Please use my donation for:” section, please copy and paste, “Son-Rise Program Scholarships [12for2012]“. Note: Please include the [12for2012] so they can track the number of people doing this versus random donations. Please donate at least $12 and share with at least 12 people, working together we will make a huge difference in the lives of countless Autism families.

Dear readers, I have seen you come out in force to support UDS Service Dogs, SafeHouse, the Old Stone Museum, etc., and I thank you for all of that. Hence I implore you all with your open, loving hearts to do this one more act of kindness in 2011 to send compassion, love and positive energy into the universe for 2012. Let’s do it $12 for 2012 for Autism!!!

Here is the corresponding Facebook event page:

Happy holidays, everyone!!!
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