April 2012 Events

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~~~~Autism Awareness Month~~~~
Show your spectrum of colors!!!

These events deal with therapeutic interventions {dietary, animal aided, teaching modalities, etc.}, allergies, legal issues, support, advocacy, conferences, fund raising and family fun. Additionally, I have decided to broaden the spectrum of events that I include on this page. Since our lives involve more than special needs, and it is vital that we take are of ourselves in order to be effective caregivers, in addition to Autism and special needs events, I am including self enrichment, LOA, and spiritual events as well. Some prominent speakers/facilitators include: Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Temple Grandin, Carol Gray, Louise Hay, Robert Holden, Ph.D., Barry Neil Kaufman, Caroline Myss, Cheryl Richardson, William Shaw, Ph.D , Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Kurt Woeller, etc.
This is a preliminary list of events. If you have any events to share, please post them in the comment section of this blog and I will add them.
SPECIAL NOTE: The AutismOne Conference is coming up in May, but you must registrar early if you want to have your child included in the child care provided at the conference. Additionally, The Seeing Eye, guide dog charity, is now accepting donations of items to be sold during their online auction that begins April 23rd.

Date(s) Location Event
NOW Internet 12 for 2012 for Autism Scholarships
In the US, having a child with Autism has many financial and emotional challenges, however in some countries the culture deems children with Autism as a “curse” and their lives are constantly endangered because of this belief. Just think of the global impact of parents and child care professionals being able to bring to such countries, knowledge and understanding of those with Autism. The Son-Rise Program taught by the Autism Treatment Center of America, has helped over 25,000 Autism families from more than 80 countries globally, and was awarded the title of “Best Autism Therapy Tool” at the 2011 AutismOne Conference. Please make a tax deductible donation of least $12 dollars now and share this information with at least 12 people. In the “Please use my donation for:” section, please copy and paste, “Son-Rise Program Scholarships [12for2012]“. You can literally help change the world! To donate go to: http://www.autismtreatmentcenter.org/document.php?sectionid=7&documentid=52
For more information watch this video or read my 12 for 2012 blog post.

April 9 New York Law of Attraction Focus Group Meeting [The second & fourth Monday of each month 7-9 pm]

April 10-11 California Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng– San Francisco (Event to be recorded for TV. Can attend one or both days.)

April 11 California SPECIAL NEEDS TRUSTS – A Workshop for Families and Professionals serving the Special Needs Community

April 13-14 Brasil II Curso Internacional Tratamentos Biomedicos para Autismo e outros Transtornos Desenvolvimento

April 13 New York Parent Panel: A Dose of Hope — Speaker: Attorney Elizabeth McCoy

April 14-15 Georgia Dr. Wayne Dyer: I Can Do It! 2012 – Atlanta

April 14-15 North Carolina Body Mind Spirit Expo (Asheville)

April 15-20 Massachusetts The Autism Treatment Center of America Son-Rise Program Maximum Impact {Son-Rise Program the “Best Autism Therapy Tool” award winner 2011 AutismOne Conference}

Note: If you click on this video and Ustream indicates that it can not find the video, try again. I just did and it works.

April 15-18 Massachusetts Nutrition & Health Conference (Boston)

April 19 NJ/NY/CT Chuck E. Cheese’s Donates 15% to the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association

April 21 Indiana 2012 Evansville Autism Expo – April 21, 2012 at The Centre

April 22 – 27 Massachusetts The Autism Treatment Center of America Son-Rise Program Start-Up {Son-Rise Program the “Best Autism Therapy Tool” award winner 2011 AutismOne Conference}

Note: If you click on this video and Ustream indicates that it can not find the video, try again. I just did and it works.

April 23-May 2 Internet The Seeing Eye 2012 Online Auction
From the Seeing Eye Frequently Asked Questions page: “How much does a Seeing Eye dog cost?”
“Students pay $150 for their first dog and $50 for each successor dog.” I am profoundly impressed that they provide these dogs for such a low cost to those who need their guidance, in my opinion, it is a testament to Seeing Eye’s exemplary use of donations. Inspiring!
Watch and listen to Seeing Eye founder, Morris Frank, in this incredible footage from The Seeing Eye archive.

April 23 New York Law of Attraction Focus Group Meeting [The second & fourth Monday of each month 7-9 pm]

April 27-29 Georgia Autism Family Weekend at the Lake

April 27 South Carolina Party With PAALS—An UN-gala Event Disco Inferno (Palmetto Animal Assistance Life Services)

April 28 Connecticut 22nd ANNUAL STATEWIDE CONFERENCE ON AUTISM {Featuring keynote speaker Carol Gray, The creator of Social Stories™ and “comic book conversations” returns to Connecticut with a completely new presentation: “Taming the Social Context Jungle: Teaching and Interpreting Social Context” and Speaker from the Spectrum, Dr. Stephen Shore, “Friendship, Dating and Deeper Relationships”…”Plus local, regional and national exhibitors, and the larges Autism bookstore in Connecticut!”}

April 28 North Carolina Hope Thru Horses Women’s Retreat

April 29 Connecticut/Massachusetts 2012 Connecticut and Western Massachusetts Kidney Walk

April 29-May 4 Massachusetts Wide Awake: Self Structured, Dynamic Program for Advanced Option Process® Students {This is an Option Institute Event. The Option Institute was co-founded by best selling author, Barry Neil Kaufman.}
Reminder: 12 for 2012 for Autism Scholarships continues. :-)

This merchant will donate “an amount equal to 10% of the retail price for all products tagged with “autismawareness2012” sold through the merchant’s marketplace during April 1, 2012 through April 30, 2012 will be donated to the following two Autism charities. Proceeds will be equally split between Autism Speaks and Autism Self Advocacy Network.”
Additionally, we, Fetch It Fido LLC, are donating a minimum of 10% of profits to various charities, including (but not limited to) various Autism charities.

Autism Awareness

NOTE: This merchant also has awareness items for a variety of causes and conditions (Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, AIDS, Food Allergies, etc.), Non-Profits (AIDS Walk, Animal Rescue, Save Darfur, UNICEF, and many more), as well as TV and movie related items from (Once Upon A Time, Big Bang Theory, Greys Anatomy, Princess Bride, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, etc. Hence, when you buy through our Fetch It Fido link, 10% of all Fetch It Fido LLC profits from the sale of any type of item go to various charities.

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