RumBelle in the Championship Round of the TV Couples March Madness Challenge

Out of 64 television couples, RumBelle has made it to the Championship Round of the TV Couples March Madness Challenge. Click which is the shortened version of the Zimbio page that works better for voting. Then scroll down, do NOT, click on “Interactive Bracket”, but vote on the poll at the bottom of the page. Then either refresh or press f5 on your computer, and scroll down and vote again. We have 19 hours to go. RumBelle is at 49%. Above is a graphic that I created to remind us why we’re working our rumps off. :)

If you wish to share this, the handy AddThis buttons will help you quickly share this on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Let’s win this to show our appreciation to the creators, writers, cast and crew of “Once Upon A Time”, whose efforts entertain and move us. We can also make this a birthday present for our favorite Dearie, Robert Carlyle…no postage required, and he doesn’t have to wade through a ton of fan mail. ;-)
Please vote and share to get others to vote.

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